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Dealing with the Department of Immigration can be very complex.

From understanding requests for further information, to ensuring your application is processed in a timely manner with the appropriate fees, lodging a visa application alone and without expert guidance can be a risky business.

Rebus Legal can take the worry out of the whole process by tailoring your application to your specific case, allowing you the best chance of success. We can take care of all paperwork and guide you through the process, dealing directly with the Department to help you achieve the outcome you desire.

Whether you are seeking to obtain a temporary or permanent residency visa, require assistance with business visas, want to bring your family members to Australia, sponsor overseas employees to work in Australia, apply for a protection visa or need to lodge an application to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) or Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) for a refused or cancelled visa, we can help.

If you require advice or assistance in the areas of immigration law, contact us today. We offer a free 15 minute, no commitment telephone consultation to discuss your situation, offer legal advice and explain how we can help.

Because we know this journey is difficult, we happily offer payment plans to ease the stress.​

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